We own and operate our sandstone quarry deep in the world renown sandstone region of  Helidon , QLD. The Helidon region has proven conclusively to be a natural resource of some of the world's most superior quality sandstone. Having been formed over 200 million years ago as a 'quartz' sandstone laid on a continental shelf within a fresh water river system, this has provided the deposits of 'salt free' stone that have been quarried and sold from the region for in excess of 100 years. The very nature of the deposits is what provides its rich variety and unique colours and textures that are to this day, unmatched by any other natural or manmade materials.

Helidon sandstone has consistently proven its strong market acceptance and has been used in the construction of many large buildings, both old and new erected in Queensland. The continued existence of these structures in their predominantly natural form as opposed to other Australian and overseas buildings that show extensive deterioration, attests to the resurgence of Helidon's sandstone as a product which is sought after both in Australia and overseas. In fact the encyclopaedia itself states: “Helidon is well known in Queensland for its high quality sandstone used extensively in private and public buildings in the state and elsewhere including Brisbane City Hall.”

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